Ethernet Connectivity

Ethernet (also known as a dedicated leased line) provides a high speed and reliable fibre optic connection. Offering excellent performance it has been designed for businesses of all sizes and adheres to stringent SLA’s.

An ethernet connection is a wired solution which provides an uninterrupted communication solution. This is often faster and more secure in comparison to a standard wi-fi provision.

It will connect items such as computers, laptops, printers, switches and other similar equipment allowing them to share data across a secure platform.


One of the biggest benefits with Ethernet Connectivity is speed. It can provide improved efficiency thanks to the high performance speed with data transfer processes.


Something often overlooked but equally important is that an ethernet connection can be very efficient. It provides an uncontended synchronicity solution which gives a business exclusive use.


Ethernet offers one of the most reliable and secure data connection platforms. It enables full transparency and visibility for all users, swiftly identifying and blocking any “non approved” users.

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