Data Leakage Protection

It is vitally important that a business takes the necessary steps to both protect and secure their data.

With businesses of all shapes and sizes they will need to provide there employees with the ability to access data no matter where they are located.

The issues are clear, accessing information via networks and cloud technology can cause security risks. Therefore the need for data leakage protection needs to be a major business protocol.

Insider Threats

Risks from previous employees or partners that had historic access to a companies data needs to be carefully monitored. At no stage should they be able to compromise data or affect IT infrastructure.

Cyber Attacks

Business data will always be targeted by malicious cyber attacks. By putting security parameters in place items such as malware, virus infection and phishing can be quickly removed.

Secure Networks

Allowing employees to access sensitive business data over an unsecure network can cause risks of exposure leading to data leakage. Restricting these issues through extra security is a must.

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