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  • Hosted telephony moves a phone system from the office in to the cloud making it very flexible and ideal for all business types.

  • Yes absolutely, Microsoft Teams is the perfect platform to be used as an office telephone system.

  • They are both equally important and should be combined together to form a strategy which when called upon means business issues can swiftly be resolved with little to no downtime.

  • By adopting a cloud platform you can make better use of technology, develop a resilient way of working, save money and have a far superior level of data protection.

  • A firewall will regulate the incoming and outgoing traffic of a business communication system, making sure that everything is correct and adheres to the correct protocols.

  • That all depends on the specific need of a business. Choices include broadband, ethernet, GSM an satellite. Explore our connectivity and network solutions to find out more.

  • Phishing is a phrase attributed when a number of spam e-mails are sent with the purpose of collecting vital information such as passwords, account details and credit card numbers.

  • Using remote desktop functionality allows individuals full access to a PC, laptop and mobile device for purposes of data gathering, reviewing reports or configuring new software.

  • There are many options to deploy if an office broadband is slow. You an look at superfast broadband, explore the benefits of ethernet or even opt for a satellite solution.

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