Superfast Broadband

Optimal efficiency is a must for any successful business and their support infrastructure needs to be 100% reliable to ensure this is possible.

Having access to a reliable broadband solution is pivotal. The introduction of superfast broadband can further enhance performance thanks to its fibre technology which brings vastly improved download speeds.

On average speeds can be between 30Mbps to 300Mbps, a massive improvement on the 5 to 10Mbps which is available through a standard broadband system.

Upload Speeds

Thanks to the benefits of larger upload speeds items such as file sharing, online back-up and video conferencing are much more streamlined and offer great performance.

Improved Performance

Services that are classed as time-sensitive demand high performance levels. Without them it would make it very difficult for a business to carry out activities such as voice and video calling.

Enhanced Reliability

A legacy or ageing broadband solution can quickly become unreliable due to the degrading of copper cables. Utilising the latest fibre solutions will eradicate these issues and improve reliability.

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