Email & Web Security

More and more businesses are becoming exposed with ransomware and risks of phishing due to poor email and web security.

Ultimately when a business becomes affected they are at severe risk of fraud and data breaches.

There are some very simple solutions which can be deployed to enhance security protection for both email and web. The ultimate result being the protection of data and vital business information.

Email Security

Large scale attacks on company data can originate from email. Eliminating this through the correct email encryption, spam filtering and phishing protection is a simple step that brings broad benefits.

Web Security

Standard website security is a myth, a business needs to adopt a customised approach so their business assets are protected. A flexible real-time web security policy needs to be implemented.

Real Time Analysis

The deployment of real time analysis is a vital step with the protection of email and web security. A business can quickly understand behaviour and put the correct security measures in place.

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