Insider Threat Protection

The phrase insider threat refers to anybody that has access to a businesses data and IT infrastructure.

Key personnel will be employees (ex-employees), contractors (ex-contractors), associates (ex-associates) and sponsors (ex-sponsors).

The management of insider threats is focussed on ensuring the correct policies, procedures and technology is in place to restrict misuse and protect data. In essence the moment any key personnel leave then access will need to be restricted or removed.

Early Detection

Immediately identify potential breaches. With real-time monitoring, any risks from suspicious activities which can cause theft of data, fraud, misuse or sabotage can be quickly nullified.

Profile Monitoring

With large numbers of employees and partners it is important to be vigilant. Through accurate monitoring of all profiles, any red flags or risks of data breaches can be swiftly identified and then eliminated.

Cyber Threats

Key to the safe management of cyber threats is the ability to observe, manage and detect. By monitoring, reporting and deploying a scoring matrix, issues with insider threats are quickly resolved.

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