Remote Desktop

A remote desktop solution allows a user working on a PC or laptop to access information and settings on a second users PC or laptop.

With remote desktop functionality full control can be given for accessing a system in a different location.

The device being accessed can be a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone either to gather information, review reports or even to access system settings and configure new software.

Data Protection

Using remote access to a company network means data is fully protected as it never leaves the secure location where it is housed. It also helps to reduce vulnerabilities associated with cybersecurity.

Low Resources

As all the activities being completed through a remote access is done so at a central location there is no need for massive data transfers. This means low resources are needed to access and run the application.

Remote Locations

A major benefit of remote desktop is that an employee can access vital business data no matter where they are located. If an urgent issue arises then access can be granted through a range of different devices.

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