Essex County Cricket Club

The Story

A year ago, Essex County Cricket Club has a 65 user phone system, the system had been in place for going on ten years and consisted of 10 SIP lines and an auto attendant. This was internally managed by the club and due to the system and its limitations only ten concurrent calls could be taking or made at the same time, as ECCC technical team we couldn’t program in ques for any department or support ticket/shop sales. The system couldn’t order a specific user in any ring group and we had no control over the length of ring time or ring after orders.

ECCC was then introduced to Midas, Keith came to the ground for an initial meeting and showed us a system that exceeded our expectations. unlimited clients could be qued for ticket sales, forwarded to the right departments automatically, staff numbers could be moved in and out of ring groups, and answered in a controlled order with fall over to the next available staff member, We could easily record custom messages for weather or updates on game times and events. hide our staff numbers behind the main number for the club or even see and monitor calls for the marketing team using a suite of reports.

Midas tailored a system for us on a contra agreement and then worked with IT, Marketing, sales, and staff around the group to deliver what was required in each department. within a few days of signing the agreement, the pre-programmed handsets arrived, the installation was simple as the system was cloud-based and over a Saturday afternoon, ECCC was upgraded.

Over a weekend ECCC went from a phone system that was insufficient to our requirements and detrimental to the business to a hosted phone system through Midas that fulfilled the required of the club, following the installation Midas continued its friendly and understands support by helping both technical staff and end-users, in any change ECCC has since requested or needed as the business has evolved.

Following Lockdown, ECCC where given free licenses for our staff mobiles and the Midas phone app allowing our staff to continue to work remotely and again showing Midas’s support.

As a technical team, we would be happy to recommend Midas to anyone looking for a commercial telephone system and look forward to continuing to work with the Midas team going forward.

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